The gift
«The Gift» must be one of the most unusual projects ever to come out of our studio. Reason being, just a few particular details, which are worth mentioning.
First of all, process of working on it seemed like a secret and covert operation. Clients wanted to surprise their parents by giving them a new refurbished home. Respectively, only those directly involved in the process of creation were aware of it's existence.
Secondly, specifics of the task at hand. Clients' parents were born and bred in Odessa, which is why interior's principal task was to recreate the magic of the atmosphere stretching along the coast of Black Sea.
Achieving this was no easy task. The concept was combining classic style with humorous inserts. Jewels of design were born in shape of jeans curtains, stripy-sailor wallpaper in living room and nuances such walls decorated by frames with coral reefs. All of the above being a clear reference to the famous sea side resort, which their parents dearly loved.
It's worth to mention that father of the given family worked in railway sector, trains being something he's very familiar with. Which is why our main decorator went on a quest to flea market to seek out vintage railway wagon articles and engravings. By the time the search was over she had lost a few pounds, but the effort was well worth it. She located the desired part at a merchant's stall, not far from the shore, it was perfect for the envisioned composition. We used this special piece while creating a composition on the wall, above a sofa located in the office. Seeing the reaction of clients' parents was simply priceless, as they couldn't help but tearing up, while their faces were beaming wide and sincere smiles.

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